New Steel Range at Motus Hydraulics

Here at Motus Hydraulics, since 1963 we have been sourcing high-quality steel for use in the production of our hydraulic cylinders and componentry. We have trialled and tested our steel products so that you can be safe in the knowledge that any product you buy from us is of the highest quality on the market and has been tried and tested in New Zealand conditions.

We are pleased to announce that we are now making our entire collection of steel products available to our clients in the complete range of off-the-shelf and cut to length options at a fair and reasonable rate. Find your steel products here.

Our high-quality hydraulic steel range is competitively priced and we aim to provide a quick and efficient service to all of our customers. We intend to deliver this in the following ways:


Particularly during the last year, we understand the importance of and a need for urgency. This especially applies to breakdown situations that need to be resolved as quickly as possible. When it comes to fixing repairs, time is of the essence, and so we have a same day dispatch promise for your peace of mind. Just make sure to order before 3 pm and we will dispatch your steel products the same day.


Naturally for our business, we use a considerable amount of steel. We buy directly from the mill for our own hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, but the added benefit of this is that we can offer this attractive pricing to our valued customers. This means that everyone has access to high-quality products at a competitive price.


Because we are a family owned business, the approach we take and service we offer is more personalised than our competitors. We are confident in our approach to business and as we have specialised in hydraulic cylinders and parts for many years, we have built up a reputation that brings with it a level of commitment and consistency. We value our relationship with our clients, and integrity about the product level and service level of our business is of paramount importance to us.


We are super proud of our range of products on offer and we believe that our collection is one of the best on the market. Below, we’ll list the steel products that are available for purchase from our catalogue.

Chrome bars

Honed cylinder tubes

Motus parts: 


Solid bases – standard cylinder base mount

Clevises – fit base and shaft

Rod ends

Collars – Standard shaft mount

Ball ends – base or shaft mount

If you need further technical information and specifications on the products from our steel catalogue, please consult our Motus Steel Parts Guide.

If you need any help with our steel product range, feel free to get in touch and someone from our friendly and knowledgeable team would be glad to assist you. Give us a call on 0800 66 88 74 or drop us an email at as we’d love to hear from you!


Hartley Currie – General Manager

Bob Kerins – Sales & Marketing

Ryan Carrol – Sales