The Industrial Applications for Hydraulic Cylinders

Motus Hydraulics offers a range of hydraulic cylinders and steel specialists from a variety of ram dealers. Supplying for an array of industries such as agricultural, forestry, transport, marine and other areas. Creating designs, manufacturing, and then delivering premium quality and quantity of equipment worldwide.


Motus Hydraulics has the capability to provide and repair the major mobile equipment found in the forestry industry. Keeping the hydraulics components of forwarders, harvesters, skidders and swing machines in operation during production. The company has designed forestry rated cylinders that are able to operate in harsh environments, able to withstand extreme duty cycles and tasking circumstances.


Motus Hydraulics works in hand with a wide range of construction equipment manufacturers. Delivering cylinders that are essential to heavy-duty applications are indispensable to an extensive array of projects. These types of machinery can include bulldozers, trenchers and excavators, just to name a few. Due to these machines being operated in tough conditions the cylinders required are designed to withstand immense pressure extremes, such as high temperatures, shock, vibration and even contamination.


Motus Hydraulics is one of the agriculture markets biggest industry providers. Hydraulic cylinders are used heavily within the industry’s main equipment, being vital parts to common machinery such as crop harvesters, tractors, loaders and more. Even used as attachments in hydraulic wood splitters and planters. Supplying some of the most critical cylinder equipment to the industry since 1963. Starting within New Zealand’s agricultural industry, and slowly growing in success throughout Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, Chile, Saudi Arabia,Korea, France and Switzerland. Gaining in success through the company’s state of the art cylinders that are built tough to last.


Although it can be categorised within the agricultural industry, horticulture has become such a sustainable part of Motus Hydraulics it deserves its own grouping. Focusing on cultivating plants that provide food and medicinal ingredients, mainly involving farming. For large farming productions, large machinery is required, with the company’s high-quality cylinders working within these machines to provide the most efficient farming outcome.


The company’s wide range of hydraulic cylinders is designed to suit the industrial market. Producing machinery that covers an industrial variety found in Motus Hydraulics’ custom cylinder range. Using the new head retaining systems, to create an innovative and unique product for the industry, achieving a high level of success with each business’ cylinder applications.


Experienced in developing the long list of transport hydraulics for this industry is one of Motus Hydraulics major tasks. Holding a long history of supplying cylinders to manufacturers of the transport industry, which provide a reliable and high performing outcome to the range of vehicles. These include providing cars, car transporters, or ramps, with the right cylinders, hoses, and pumps that will minimise your downtime.

These are just a few of the industry examples in which Motus Hydraulics is involved in. Providing vital cylinders to a wide range of equipment which are key components in the success of overall industry. Illustrating the importance of the company’s efficient and high-quality production of cylinders designed and made in Hastings, New Zealand.


Hartley Currie – General Manager

Bob Kerins – Sales & Marketing

Ryan Carrol – Sales