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People opt for Motus to supply them with strong hydraulic cylinders – whether it’s for your businesses or in your homes.

No matter the application, industrial or domestic, we build cylinders to last. With a premium, heavy-duty wall tube, precision componentry, and durable, ever-lasting seals, our cylinders provide faultless service for years to come.

We have previously explored how electronic rams work and the many industrial applications that they can be adopted for – but in this blog, we delve into the domestic uses for hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulics In The Home

There’s a very good chance that you have operated a hydraulic cylinder in or around the home without even knowing it. Take hydraulic ram gate openers or door openers for example, which can grant you access to appliances, rooms, even your property, at the push of a button. We rely on these devices to make our everyday lives more efficient, not to mention easier on our bodies.

Another excellent example of hydraulics being used in the home is the log splitter. This is probably the most simple and effective hydraulic device used in people’s homes – making the need to sharpen your axe a thing of the past. But how exactly do they work? And what are the different types of log splitters that are available on the market?

How Do Domestic Log Splitters Work?

The principal mechanism that drives a wood splitter ram is quite simple and contains all the basic components of a regular hydraulic machine: a gas or electric powered engine, a hydraulic oil pump, a valve, an oil tank, and the hydraulic cylinder.

Motus Log Splitter Range

Our range of backyard log splitter cylinders are real workhorses and are designed to last thousands of fast cycles with low maintenance required – not to mention a 4 year warranty across the entire range. But how do you know which hydraulic cylinder is best suited for your needs?

PC 25 – 3″ x 2″ x 457mm
The smallest of our three available log splitter rams, the PC 25 Log Splitter Ram still packs an extraordinary amount of pressure – with a force exertion of 9600kg at 2250ps. This wood splitter ram is a great starter if you want a cost-effective alternative to chopping wood manually.

PC 30 – 3.5″ x 2″ x 457mm
With a slightly larger cylinder by half an inch, the PC30 Log Splitter Ram is armed with an astonishing force exertion of 12560kg at 2250psi. This makes the PC 30 an excellent choice if you are after extra force to chop large logs but want to keep the compact design for easier mobility.

Xcel – 100 x 50 x 500mm
At the top of our range in performance and power, we present the Xcel Log Splitter Ram. With a force exertion of 12560kg at 2250psi and rated operating pressure of 3000psi, the XCEL is the obvious choice if you’re after a high performing log splitter cylinder to last you many years to come.

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