Hydraulic Presses in Your Industry

Hydraulics have been developed to suit a range of high-pressure applications where power and precision are of the utmost importance.
Since 1963, Motus has recognised this importance and responds with high-quality hydraulic cylinders for when a pneumatic ram can’t quite get the job done.
Power and safety are two of the main advantages of a reliable hydraulic tool – both traits that are highly regarded in industries such as manufacturing, transport and aviation.


Being such a broad industry, there are plenty of uses for a hydraulic press in manufacturing. This includes the pressing into shape of white goods, ceramics, and electronic housing to ensure a uniform and repeatable shape on these essential items.


Toeing the line between manufacturing and transport is the pressing of many car parts using a hydraulic press.
Sealing components, vibration control, brake pads, truck bed liners, electrical connectors and insulators all need to be pressed into shape with safety and efficiency along the production line.
On the road, some commercial transport trucks rely on hydraulic press brakes to slow their heavy loads. Motus can be relied upon for all of these applications and more.


While multiple World Wars have left a negative footprint on society, one positive to come from them was the development of hydraulic presses for the aviation industry.
Before they were invented, the United States was building their fighter planes by riveting sheets of metal together. But Germany built a 33,000-ton hydraulic press and two smaller 16,500-ton machines to produce the first Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighters.
Fast-forward to this century and multiple countries have built their own presses weighing more than 50,000 tons. The largest press in the world is China’s 80,000-ton giant, used for the manufacture of all kinds of difficult-to-forge things such as large aircraft.

Forestry & Agriculture

Motus has a range of heavy-duty hydraulic presses which can be custom designed to suit the most demanding applications.
The forestry and agriculture industries are both pillars of our society and neither can afford to lose time over a leaking or depressurised hydraulic tool.
Our MAX Series 5000psi rated hydraulic ram uses the strongest steel we can offer to minimise maintenance on parts like digger thumbs, tilt buckets, quick hitches and more.
The WRC series is the most popular design for agricultural applications and has proven its worth in the agricultural sector for more than 50 years. Common uses for the WRC series include mowers, post drivers, toplinks, folding implements, loader attachments, seed drills, fertiliser spreaders, log splitters and cultivators.

Why Motus?

It’s no good telling you where they’re useful if we can’t get a hydraulic press in your hands in good time. That’s why we give you our 100-hour promise from order to delivery.
Our purpose-built factory works hard to uphold a reputation of reliability, so put us to the test and see how soon you can benefit from one of our hydraulic tools.


Hartley Currie – General Manager

Bob Kerins – Sales & Marketing

Ryan Carrol – Sales