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Motus' has a cylinder designed to exceed the needs of most industries

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WRC Series

The most preferred choice, this design is suited to most applications and features Motus’ unique wire retaining clip design that has been well proven for more than 50 years.


MAX Series

Motus’ extra heavy duty hydraulic cylinder design, developed and tested specifically for extreme conditions, with it unique external thread cap, and head retaining system that withstands higher loads and fatigue than other cylinders readily available on the market. wanting to know more about the MAX ?


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Motus can customize the cylinder design to suit your application. This service is available to OEM manufacturers only and provides unlimited design possibilities should you have an ultra confined space to work within, need a super duty cylinder to fit a specific application, require integrate valving or virtually anything you might need customised… talk to us today 0800 66 88 74.




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