Motus Hydraulics designs, manufactures and delivers high quality rams to a wide range of equipment with a wide range of applications, including very harsh environments.

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Agriculture / Horticulture / Viticulture

Since 1963, Motus has been supplying the muscle to New Zealand agricultural equipment. Our cylinders are built tough to last - in fact rams we built in the 60's are still going strong today!



Motus Hydraulics works with many leading construction equipment manufacturers, providing cylinders that are matched to the heavy duty applications they're required to work in and ensure they're built to last.



The recent acquisition of a forestry ram manufacturing company has enabled Motus to expand its offering to include specially designed forestry rated cylinders that perform in the demanding applications.



These heavy duty rams in our custom ram range use the new head retaining systems that are the most robust in the industry. Talk to our design team for more information.



Whether it be for your car transporter or ramps on your trailer, we'll have a cylinder to suit your requirements.


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