Agriculture / Horticulture / Viticulture

Since 1963, Motus has been supplying the muscle to New Zealand agricultural equipment. Our cylinders are built tough to last - in fact rams we built in the 60's are still going strong today!

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Motus Hydraulic works with the leading Agricultural Equipment suppliers

The name Motus has deep roots in the New Zealand agriculture market and has been exported to different countries for many years including Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Korea, France and Switzerland.

Look around any rural farm shed and the chances are you’ll find a Motus cylinder quietly working away.

“Motus cylinders are equal to your task”



The WRC series is the most popular design for agricultural applications and has proven its worth in the agricultural sector for more than 50 years. Common uses for the WRC series include Mowers, Post drivers, Toplinks, Folding implements, Loader attachments, Seed drills, Fertiliser spreaders, Log splitters, Cultivators, Chaser bins, Hedge trimmers, etc. The WRC Series has more than enough muscle for these applications and its compact design fits into the tightest of spaces with ease.


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"Very impressed with these cylinders! Thanks very much"

- ENGINEER Distributor

"A huge thank you for all the extra efforts to keep us going"

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