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Top Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Tips

Here at Motus, we want to help make the process of buying hydraulic cylinders as easy as possible. Whether you’re after a toplink cylinder, logsplitter cylinder or something else, let us assist in any way that we can. Operating out

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New Steel Range at Motus Hydraulics

Here at Motus Hydraulics, since 1963 we have been sourcing high-quality steel for use in the production of our hydraulic cylinders and componentry. We have trialled and tested our steel products so that you can be safe in the knowledge

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Launch of New Motus Hydraulics Website

Here at Motus Hydraulics, we’ve recently had our website redesigned and now that it has launched, we are super excited to share with all of our wonderful customers and clients. Whether you’re in the market for a cylinder or needing

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Hydraulic System

Examples of the Hydraulic System

Here at Motus, we are specialists when it comes to the hydraulic cylinders we have a range of rams that can be customised to your needs and requirements. Hydraulics is a substantial industry with a huge number of applications in

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Our 100 hour delivery promise

Our Promise to you, Order a new Rambuilder or EasyRam ram from Motus Hydraulics Today and we’ll have it Build, boxed and on it’s way to you inside 100 hours , Guaranteed Yep, that’s only 3-4 days BUILT, BOXED, OUTTA

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Earthquake Interrupts Log Flows

Earthquake interrupts log flows Logging operations around Marlborough and North Canterbury faced disruption earlier this week as road closures prevented access along main highways for crews and log trucks for a while.   Log exports were also halted at Wellington

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While we have all taken a hit in some way shape or form this year. The agriculture industry of New Zealand has been affected worse than previously thought. The Tractor and Farm Machinery Association (TAMA) says April tractor sales were

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New Zealand Forestry

As level 4 restrictions have been reduced to level 3, we have seen the return of log vessels to the port. With wood processing allowed, Nelson Pine Industries have restarted their MDF and LVL plant, though returning to full production

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Big dry affects forestry work as scrub fires rage

As the big dry continues across parts of the country and scrub fires ravage the Port Hills near Christchurch and hills south of Hastings, some harvesting and silviculture crews are already being forced to leave the forests early to avoid

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