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Motus products speak for themselves – that’s why retailers enjoy selling Motus rams

Motus Hydraulics rams have been supplied through retailers for more than 30 years! In that space of time they’ve become known for rock-solid reliability. They have a reputation for bullet-proof quality, the great customer service often wow’s the retailer in front of their customer, and the easy track-n-trace system for replacements or parts all help Motus Hydraulics to become the preferred supplier of hydraulic cylinder retailers. see more



Wide range

Over the years Motus Hydraulics have developed a wide range of cylinders to suit specific applications including – Toplink adjustment rams for tractors, Log splitter rams for DIY engineers, Sprayboom rams that provide extra control, SAE rams to fit standard applications, and Crowd rams to fix old loaders.


Strong brand

Motus’ brand has been founded on more than 50 years of quality hydraulic cylinder manufacture, and is recognised by thousands all over the country. This helps retailers to make more sales with less hassle. Jump on the bandwagon today!

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