Our Ultra series of cylinders is a combination of quality componentry coupled with clever design.

A key factor in the development of our Ultra range was reliability for customers operating in harsh working environments, Our externally threaded cap design paired with a robust heavy-duty seal combination gives the Ultra exceptional strength.

Rated to a continuous operating pressure of 4000psi and a safety rating of 3:1 the Motus Ultra represents outstanding value for money.

Often used in Construction
and Waste Management


Added Rigidity for Ultimate Performance


Ports are fully machined from solid bar for heavy duty durability.


Hydraulic cylinder tubing. Very high quality internal bore finish for maximum seal life and minimum leakage.


3D/U400 high grade close grain cast iron, designed tough to endure operating shock and loading.

Gland Cap

1045 grade threaded cap for added rigidity and strength.


Available in 1045 grade hard chrome and 4140 calibre high tensile bar for increased strength and durability for more demanding applications.


11/2” – 31/2” bore
1040 steel 1 piece piston, internally threaded for high strength.

4” – 6” bore
Steel two-piece piston with positive locking nut creating optimum strength.


Ultra-tough heavy duty category seals.

Piston seals
5 piece heavy duty unit seal rated to 4000psi, including anti extrusion and wear rings. No metal to metal contact.

Shaft seal
Premium quality polyurethane pressure seal for long life usage.

Wiper seal
Heavy duty polyurethane wiper scraper.

Outer head/gland seal
Static sealing O-ring with contoured face back up ring.

ULTRA (Threaded Cap) Range – 4000psi

Ultra threaded cap design cylinders were developed through customer demand.

Our customers wanted:

  • Added rigidity
  • 4000psi capable
  • Extra durability in harsh conditions

Perfect in environments like waste management and construction, affordable and available with short lead times.

Standard mounting options


Model Cap (OD) Cylinder Bore Bore Options Shaft Options

2.5" Ultra


2.5" Bore, 1/4" Wall • 1.25" Shaft
(Tube O.D 76.2mm)
• 1.25" Shaft
• 1.50" Shaft

3" Ultra


3” Bore, 5/16” Wall
(Tube O.D 92.06mm)
• X1.5" Shaft
• X1.75" Shaft
• X2" Shaft

3.5" Ultra


3.5” Bore, 5/16” Wall
(Tube O.D 104.76mm)
• X1.75" Shaft
• X2" Shaft

4" Ultra


4” Bore, 5/16” Wall
(Tube O.D 118mm)
• X2" Shaft
• X2.5" Shaft

5" Ultra


5” Bore, 3/8” Wall
(Tube O.D 146mm)
• X2.5" Shaft
• X3" Shaft

6" Ultra


6” Bore, 3/8” Wall
(Tube O.D 178mm)
• X3" Shaft
• X3.5" Shaft
• X4" Shaft



Motus Ultra in use